Monday, November 07, 2005

Circuit Training, Step Aerobics & Yoga

This week the YC&AC held it's Sports Fair. I was asked to give a short yoga lesson at the conclusion of the 90-minute cardio workout (circuit training & step aerobics). If you're interested in going to the next fair, please contact Justin Tenbeth at the YC&AC. The next one's in January and promises to be as much fun as the last.


Yoga Garden

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

The circuit training, step aerobics and yoga combination sound great! I recently attended a Jazzercise event to raise money for breast cancer which combined dance and yoga moves as well. Yoga complements any activity very well.

I hope that you are enjoying the leaves in Japan. They have started to fall here and I am looking forward to some Christmas holidays. If you come home, please drop me a line. I would love to hear from you! You are greatly missed.

Take good care. Let me know if you need anything from North America especially in terms of clothing or food.

Keep up the fantastic work. Wish I could be there to attend a class.

All the best,